About | Technolite


Every Technolite product begins with an idea.

Thinking about our future inspires us to think different when designing light for our homes, offices, hotels and stores.

To ensure that our products will illuminate the future we must design products that will stand the test of time. Every Technolite lighting product is inspired by tomorrow. We always aim to minimize our carbon footprint in our product and packaging planning.

One of our guiding principles is creating a range of products that will meet every client’s needs and specifications.

We are constantly designing and creating new lighting products. Each member of our team contributes expertise in lighting design, architecture, manufacturing and sales to create the best product possible using available technologies and materials. Sometimes, we dream up new manufacturing processes to help us realize our product designs.

On our website, you will find an exciting array of our lighting collections. New product releases come too quickly for print edition catalogs so it is here online that you can find all of the latest updates. 

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